Car Insurance Providers – High on Quality and Low on Price

Many people feel that once they get their car insured, they can be free of all kinds of stress. But, there are many instances, where, once people got into an accident or had their car stolen, they have discovered that the company that insured their car is not offering services as per their promise.

Finding a car insurance company which can offer high quality customer service and affordable prices often proves to be a very difficult task. Our company has reviewed several quoting services to bring a list of the most affordable and high quality car insurance companies. 

Our research team has gathered the sample premiums from different parts of the United States and ranked the company names according to their premiums, to figure out which companies are offering the best deals. We have also gathered the customer reviews to obtain a list of customer ratings for those companies. Thus, we have found out the service quality of each company. 


On the basis of this data, our company has offered you the names of the top three companies with low insurance rates and high quality customer service.



The company has been serving the American citizens since the year 1936. They have protected them from losses resulting from owning and operating a vehicle. The company is supported by Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. It is known to offer some of the best insurance rates in the market, specially to the middle aged people who have clean driving records.

In most cases it has been found to be offered rates that are below the national average. Even though it does not offer discounts generally, but, however, you will get several other opportunities to reduce your rates. It is even known for an excellent customer service, claims handling, online transactions, etc. It also has a good mobile application.


Mercury Insurance Company

It is an American company which has been in this business for over fifty years. It is mainly known for their excellent service department. It is the third largest private passenger automobile insurer in California. The customer care section of the company does a great job in promptly following through with a claim. They even manage to offer some of the best rates in the industry, especially to the good drivers with clean driving records. The company can prove to be the best option for the people who wish to buy insurance from local agents.


The General Insurance

The company belongs to Ingram industries and was initiated in 1992. Over the years, this company has gained a strong reputation. The company exclusively focuses on car insurance and thus it can offer some valuable plans at very low rates.

It has a big online presence and thus customers can easily obtain quotes and get the answers for their inquiries quite easily. The company often adjusts their policies to fit the requirements of the customers. They even accept minimum down payments, which can prove to be very helpful, especially for the middle class people. They even offer affordable plans to people who have imperfect insurance history, imperfect driving records or excellent credit scores. 

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